Preet Banerjee

Preet Banerjee is a management consultant to the financial services industry with a focus on the commercial application of behavioural finance research and fintech. He is a fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute, and holds the Derivatives Market Specialist (DMS) and Financial Management Advisor (FMA) designations. He is a director at FAIR Canada (Foundation for the Advancement of Investor Rights), and member of the governing council at the University of Toronto. He won the Portfolio Managers Association of Canada’s Excellence in Investment Journalism award in 2012, and was named by as one of Canada’s Top 10 Financial Visionaries. You can learn more about Preet at his website:, on YouTube, and Twitter

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What is Socially Responsible Investing or SRI?
What is Socially Responsible Investing or SRI?

With concerns about climate change, violence, diversity, and other social issues becoming more important in everyday life, many people are looking for ways to help address these issues. It could be in the form of making changes in our lives, like avoiding plastic bottles, walking or using public transit over driving when...

November 22nd, 2021 | Preet Banerjee