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Guaranteed Investments

Work towards your long term financial goals and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investment is guaranteed for whatever term you choose.

Guaranteed Investment (GIC)

No fees or service charges, just great interest at a guaranteed rate.

Up to [[GIC.RATE.270_DAY]]

Interest rate

RSP Guaranteed Investment

Save for retirement with no fees* or service charges and guaranteed high interest.

Up to [[GIC_RSP.RATE.270_DAY]]

Interest rate

Tax-Free Guaranteed Investment (GIC)

Enjoy one of the best interest rates going and save tax-free, without any fees* or service charges.

Up to [[GIC_TFSA.RATE.270_DAY]]

Interest rate

RIF Guaranteed Investment

Enjoy all the guaranteed benefits of our GIC combined with the great features of our Retirement Income Fund.

Up to [[GIC_RIF.RATE.270_DAY]]

Interest rate


Great guaranteed interest for your US dollars. No fees or service charges.


Interest rate