The Official Bank of the Toronto Raptors. And their fans.

We’re pleased to be the official bank of the Toronto Raptors, a partnership that reflects our commitment to supporting Canadian communities. Follow us for exclusive access to Toronto Raptors, Raptors 905 and NBA tickets, swag and behind-the-scenes fan experiences.

Get in the game and make bank.

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Our Community

We’re proud of the work we’re doing together with the MLSE Foundation and the Toronto Raptors to help change lives through programs that inspire self-esteem, teamwork, leadership and the power of sport. Our involvement with the MLSE Foundation includes MLSE Launchpad and community gyms, two initiatives designed to help young people recognize and reach their potential.

Other Partnerships

The Official Bank of NBA Canada

We’re thrilled to be the official bank of NBA Canada, and are bringing our best game forward through a multi-year sponsorship. Keep your eyes open for interactive events designed to generate enthusiasm and excitement for basketball fans.

The focus is on engaging communities with initiatives such as basketball clinics for young Canadians and unique opportunities through a variety of contests and promotions.

Foundational Partner of the WNBA

We’re super excited to be the first foundational partner of the WNBA in Canada. This multi-year sponsorship is a natural extension of our commitment to growing and supporting women’s sports and our ongoing overall investment in basketball.

Our goal is to foster an environment of success for young women athletes across Canada, encouraging them to participate in sports and raising awareness of the WNBA in Canada.

Tangerine in Partnership with Kia Nurse

Our partnership with Canadian WNBA star Kia Nurse is something we’re very excited about.

Kia is our Tangerine Champion – an ambassador to help empower youth in sports through leadership, engagement and mentoring opportunities. Together with Kia, our goal is to empower young people across our communities, where sports provide a means to learn life skills, support diversity and inspire change.

Exclusive Financial Partner of Uninterrupted Canada

We’re honoured to be the sole financial sponsor of Uninterrupted Canada, featuring our exclusive collaboration on Kneading Dough Canada.

Kneading Dough Canada is a digital-first series, featuring athletic stars sharing their financial stories and insights to open and normalize discussions about finance for a new generation. We’re helping to bring financial literacy into the main stream through these conversations and sharing real world perspectives on financial management.

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