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New Client Offer: Earn a special 6.00% Savings rate for 5 months.† 

US Dollar Savings Account

With a Tangerine US Dollar Savings Account, you can save your US funds with a great interest rate and no unfair^ fees or service charges.


Interest rate


Monthly fee


Minimum balance

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Great rate

Our rates are great at [[SAVINGS_USD.RATE]] since [[SAVINGS_USD.DATE]].

No minimum balance

Earn the same great rate on every dollar in your Account.

No unfair^ fees or service charges

We simply don’t believe in unfair fees.

Exchange rates

Our great exchange rates apply whether you’re transferring Canadian dollars in or US dollars out.


Reach your savings goals faster

Create a personalized savings goal and have money moved automatically to your Tangerine Account.

Your security matters

Keeping your banking info safe isn’t the only thing required to keep your Accounts protected. Discover expert tips and 24/7 security features for peace of mind all year long.

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34,100 Reviews‡


63,100 Reviews‡

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