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New Client Offer: Earn a special 6.00% Savings rate for 5 months.† 


Whether saving for a house, investing in your retirement, or just putting money aside for a rainy day, we have ways to help you get there.

Savings Account

Our Savings Account earns you high interest on every dollar, requires no minimum balance and charges no fees.


Interest rate

Tax-Free Savings Account

Earn tax-free interest on top of the same great advantages of a Tangerine Savings Account.


Interest rate

RSP Savings Account

Enjoy all the money-saving advantages of our Savings Account with the added tax benefits of an RSP.


Interest rate

US$ Savings Account

Save your US dollars at a great rate and keep more of your money with one of the most favourable exchange rates in market. No fees or service charges.


Interest rate

RIF Savings Account

Make use of the funds you’ve saved for your retirement while continuing to enjoy the benefits of our Savings Account.


Interest rate