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RIF Guaranteed Investment (RIF GIC)

The guaranteed benefits of a GIC join forces with all the great features of a RIF. 


Interest rate 


Monthly fee

Great rate

Our rates are among the best around.

No unfair† fees or service charges

We simply don’t believe in unfair fees. So you won’t have to pay to save with us.

What’s a RIF?

With a Tangerine RIF Savings Account, you can draw the retirement income you need while enjoying the benefits of our Tangerine Savings Account.

RIF withdrawals and taxes

Interest earned in your RIF isn't taxed. You’ll have to pay income taxes on the mandatory minimum RIF Payment Amounts you’ll receive every year. You can make withdrawals on top of your minimum RIF Payment Amounts, which will be subject to government withholding taxes in addition to income taxes.

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34,100 Reviews‡


63,100 Reviews‡

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