Tangerine Investment Funds

Tangerine Investment Funds make investing easy by providing you with a smart, low cost and hassle-free way to save for the long term.

Rather than relying on an advisor to provide you with the right mix of mutual funds or having to sort it out alone, the Tangerine Investment Funds automatically give you a complete assortment of investments to reflect your risk tolerance and savings objectives.

The Tangerine Investment Funds are an alternative to active management, where someone is picking and choosing individual investments that they hope will outperform the market. Our Funds use an indexing strategy which involves investing in an entire market. This takes away the guesswork of picking and choosing individual investments. History has shown us that over the long term, most actively managed funds don’t outperform the market*, so we see indexing as a smarter approach for long-term growth potential, keeping more of your money working harder for you.

Account types:

* The S&P Indices versus Active Funds (SPIVA®) Canada Scorecard, Year End 2012, by S&P Dow Jones LLC, indicated that over 80% of active mutual fund managers could not beat their respective market index benchmarks for the 5-year period ended December 31, 2012.

Mutual funds are not insured by CDIC.