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Will there be times when I won’t be able to tap and will have to enter my PIN instead?

Will there be times when I wont be able to tap and will have to enter my PIN instead?

Most of the time, you’ll be able to tap, and not have to enter your PIN, when paying for purchases within the contactless payment limit. It’s possible that some stores may not be equipped to accept contactless payments or could have set lower limits. In these cases, they may ask you to insert your Card into the chip reader and enter your PIN to pay for your purchases.

Other times when you’ll need to enter your PIN:

  • The first time you make a purchase using your Tangerine Client Card.
  • Whenever you make a purchase over the contactless payment limit.
  • When you’ve reached $500 in cumulative contactless payments within a day (or $200 in cumulative payments for Cards issued before October 22, 2021).


These are safety measures to help ensure you’re the one using your Client Card. When you’ve reached these points, and have completed a transaction by entering your PIN, your Client Card contactless payment limit will reset, so that you can continue to tap to pay for purchases.