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Good to know before you call

  1. Start by contacting the merchant if you suspect a Credit Card or debit purchase error.
  2. Check with your other financial institutions for any suspicious activity.
  3. Did you get notified for an unauthorized login attempt? 3rd party personal finance apps you use will sometimes log into your bank accounts to get most up to date balances.

If you suspect unauthorized use of your Tangerine Account(s) or think that someone may have your login information or Card PIN, please call us right away 1-888-SAFE-304

Just have some concerns or questions? Feel free to call, and we'll help you out.

Safety practices and additional resources
Safe Banking
Safe banking with Tangerine
As a Client, your banking security is our top priority. Take a closer look at some of the tools and features working hard to give you peace of mind.
Things to help you bank safely
Things to help you bank safely
Learn some best practices to help you avoid banking fraud and security fraud.
Fraud Prevention
Want to learn more about fraud prevention?
Discover all the information you'll ever need, courtesy of the Canadian Bankers Association.

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