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Keeping your banking and information secure is really important to us. Learn how to keep your Accounts and yourself protected with 24/7 security features so you can bank safely and rest easy.

Top tips to protect yourself from scams and fraud

Prevention and preparation are the best protection from scams and fraud. So let's dive into some of the top tips that can help keep you safe and secure.

Suspicious Communications

Don't recognize an email, text, website link, etc? Think twice before clicking any links or responding to them. When in doubt, contact through a verified channel to confirm it's real.

Requests for confidential information

Tangerine will never send you an email or text message asking for your Client Number, Account Number, Credit Card Number, Secret Questions or PIN. If you ever receive an email, phone call or text message that asks for any of these things, it’s smart to be suspicious of it.

Spoof email

Email spoofing is when a fraudster uses a fake email address imitating the domain of a legitimate source. Protect yourself from email spoofing by taking a close look at the email of the sender. Tangerine emails should come from “” or “".

Password protection

Website passwords and PINs help identify who you are. So it's best to keep them safe at all times. Never write down or share them with anyone. When selecting a password/PIN, avoid choosing numbers or letters that fall in a sequence or pattern. Also, avoid the obvious choices like your birthdate, address or family names.

2-Step Authentication

2-Step Authentication provides an extra layer of security during login by requiring a Security Code (that is provided to your registered phone number) that needs to be entered to gain access. Want to learn more about 2-Step Authentication? Check out our introductory video.

Orange Alerts

Not only do Orange Alerts help you stay on top of your Account, they can give you a heads up if something doesn't look right. Go to ‘Profile & Settings’ to easily set them up.

Current scams to watch out for


Imposter scams and CRA fraud

Money scams

Common fraud

Protecting your computer

Good to know before you call

  1. Start by contacting the merchant if you suspect a Credit Card or debit purchase error.
  2. Check with your other financial institutions for any suspicious activity.
  3. Did you get notified for an unauthorized login attempt? 3rd party personal finance apps you use will sometimes log into your bank accounts to get most up to date balances.

If you suspect unauthorized use of your Tangerine Account(s) or think that someone may have your login information or Card PIN, please call us right away 1-888-826-4374.

Just have some concerns or questions? Feel free to call, and we'll help you out.

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