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Safe banking with Tangerine

ID Card

Online PIN reset

Your PIN gets you IN. Your Login ID and banking PIN protect your Account(s) from unauthorized access. If you've forgotten your PIN, you can reset it online by answering several questions to confirm that you're really you (and not someone posing as you). To start the reset steps, hit the ‘Forgot Login ID’ or ‘Forgot PIN’ links from the Login page.

ID Card

Digital signup

Our Mobile Banking app can provide a safe way to become a Tangerine Client completely digitally, without leaving your home or having to phone in. The steps involve scanning your ID (Canadian Driver’s Licence or Provincial Photo ID Card) and taking a selfie to validate your identity. Please note that images you send us will be securely disposed of, once we confirm your identity. More information can be found in our Digital ID Verification Terms.

Cell phone

2-Step Authentication

Set up 2-Step Authentication for an extra layer of security. Whenever you log into your Tangerine Account on a new device, we can send you a unique Security Code that needs to be entered, along with your PIN, to gain access. Once registered, you can take comfort knowing that anytime someone tries to log in as you, a Security Code will be sent to the mobile number we have on file.

Security badge


Tangerine Client Cards and Tangerine Credit Cards contain an embedded microchip to enhance safe and secure banking. Using proven technology, your Card helps protect your Accounts and personal information from fraud and theft.

Security badge

Zero Liability Policies

Tangerine Client Cards and Tangerine Credit Cards are protected by the Interac Zero Liability, Visa Zero Liability or the Mastercard Zero Liability Protection policies (based on your payment method). This means you won't have to worry about paying for unauthorized purchases, including those made using your Card’s contactless payment feature, in most cases. It’s important to review your banking statements regularly. If you notice any suspicious transactions or suspect unauthorized use of your Card or Account, please call us right away at 1-888-826-4374.