No-Fee Daily Chequing Account

Your money should work as hard as you do. That’s why we offer a no-fee daily Chequing Account that gives you free daily chequing transactions and pays you interest on every dollar in your Account.

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Visafootnote* Debit is here!

With Visa Debit, you can take control of your online and in-store purchases by paying directly with money from your Chequing Account.

Key Features

Make online and in-app purchases with ease
Use your Client Card to shop at your favourite online stores with thousands of participating retailers accepting Visafootnote* Debit.
No feesfootnote for daily transactions
This includes an unlimited number of debit purchases, bill payments,


payments, Tangerine Email Money Transfers and Interac


Shop with confidence
With Interac and Visafootnote* Debit Zero Liability protection, you won’t have to worry about paying for unauthorized purchases.
Free A B M access
Free access to 3,500 Scotiabank A B M's nationwide and 44,000 A B M's worldwide through Scotiabank’s Global ATM Alliance. Locate your nearest A B M.
Track and categorize your spending
Organize your transactions and stay on top of your spending, so you can see your financial habits and you’ll get a better idea of what you have left to spend left to spend each month.
Pays interest
Earn interest on every dollar in your Account, calculated daily and paid monthly.
Deposit cheques instantly from your mobile device using the Cheque-In feature on your Mobile App.
Bank drafts
Order a bank draft online and have it delivered to your door or to your closest Tangerine Café.
Orange Alerts
Customize your preferences to receive important Account alerts through text or email.
Visa Debit is borderless
Shop around the world using your Client Card when you travel or make online purchases from millions of participating international retailers.
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Direct deposit and pre-authorized payments

Take advantage of simple and convenient everyday banking when you switch your payroll direct deposits and pre-authorized payments to Tangerine Chequing. You’ll get instant access to your direct deposit funds and benefit from worry-free payments.

Current Interest Rates

Current per year interest rate since .
Current per year interest rate since March 20, 2020.
Account Balance Interest Rate
$0.00 - $49,999.99
$50,000.00 - $99,999.99
$100,000 or more

Where are the fees?

You won’t pay any fees for your daily chequing transactions. For other transactions, a fair fee may apply.
Information about all fees in this chequing account
Online daily banking: FREE
Tangerine Email Money Transfers: FREE
Interac e-Transfer®: FREE
First cheque book (50 cheques): FREE
Additional cheque books: $50 each
1 free stop payment: per year, $12.50 each thereafter
1 free replacement Card: per year, $15 thereafter
Canadian drafts: $10
Non-Sufficient Funds: $45
A B M deposits / withdrawals: FREE
Other A B M withdrawals
in Canada:
Other A B M withdrawals worldwide (not part of Global ATM Alliancefootnote1): $3
Foreign Currency Conversion Feefootnote7 2.50% is added to the exchange rate, and is reflected in the converted Canadian dollar amount of the transaction.
View the complete list of Account fees. If you’d like to compare our Chequing Account to other banks, you can do so using the FCAC Account Selector Tool. You may also be interested in reading our article on Monthly Chequing Account Fees to Look Out For.

Mobile Wallets

Convenient ways to pay with your Tangerine Client Card and Money-Back Credit Card.
Apple Pay
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Google Pay
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Samsung Pay
Samsung Pay
Play Left To Spend Tutorial video
Open a Tangerine Chequing Account, and we'll help you keep your spending on track.
We recently introduced a new enhancement to help you spend smarter. It looks at your Chequing Account activity, along with other details you provide, and gives you information to help you stay up-to-date with your spending and make smart decisions with your money.
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Footnote*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license

FootnotePay no fees for everyday Chequing transactions. For non-standard transactions, a fee may apply.

Footnote7Full terms and conditions are outlined in the Account Terms and Client Card Cardholder Agreement available to you on our... website at

Interac and Interac e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of Interac Corp. Used under licence.

Savings Account, Chequing Account, and GIC interest rates expressed on this website are annual interest rates and are current as of today's date. Interest rates are subject to change without notice. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly on our Savings and Chequing Accounts. GIC terms of one year or longer have interest calculated on the basis of 365/366 days and compounded and/or paid annually. GIC terms of less than one year have interest calculated on the basis of 365/366 and paid at maturity.

Cheque-In® is a registered trademark of Tangerine Bank.

Footnote1Tangerine will waive the International A B M Access Fee and Global A T M Alliance members will waive any terminal convenience or usage fees for any withdrawal transactions performed at Global ATM Alliance machines with your Tangerine Debit Card. "Free Access" does not apply to Scotiabank A B Ms in Costa Rica, Panama or Uruguay.

® Touch ID is a trademark of Apple Inc. ® Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Wear OS by Google and Google Pay are trademarks of Google LLC.

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