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Why Invest with Tangerine?

Our Clients invest with us for the same reasons why they bank with us – low fees, a proven track record, and a simple approach that doesn’t require you to be an expert. For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping investors reach their long-term financial goals. With our award-winning* Investment Funds, and access to our licensed Advisors when you need them, you can feel confident that you’re on track towards your goals.

Low Fees

High fees can erode your investments overtime. We keep our fees low, so you can watch your investments grow.

Simple Approach

Tell us about yourself and your investment objectives and we’ll recommend the Fund that’s most suitable for you.


For three years in a row, we’ve received a FundGrade A+ Award.

The Low-Fee Difference

What you pay in investment fees has a direct impact on your long-term returns. Our Investment Funds have saved Canadians over $80 million in fees since they were launched**.

Here’s the difference between a total of $50,000 invested over a period of 20 years at 7% gross annual returns with fees applied of 2.13% and our Investment Fund fees of 1.07% (about half the industry average).

See how much more you could earn with a Tangerine Portfolio.


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