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How do I download Statements?

How do I download Statements?


To download PDFs of your statements:

1. Log in and choose the Account

2. Select the 'Statements' button.

Every statement you need should be there.


Electronic statements are available monthly for all Accounts except Investment Fund Accounts, which are quarterly.

Clients can choose to receive paper statements for all Accounts except Tangerine Chequing Accounts, Tangerine Children’s Savings Accounts, Tangerine Line of Credit Accounts, Tangerine Personal Loan Accounts, and Tangerine RSP Loan Accounts, which are paperless. Paper statements are sent quarterly for active Accounts.


To switch from paper to electronic statements:

1. Log in, if you aren't already logged in

2. Click your name near the top of the screen to get to ‘Profile & Settings’

3. Click 'Edit' under ‘Other Communications’ for your statement preferences

4. Hit 'Done' and your change is complete

(For a past statement reprint, there's a charge of $5.00 per statement. There's no charge for a current monthly statement reprint.)