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How do electronic receipts work?

How do electronic receipts work?

Electronic receipts are designed to help you at tax time by providing fast and easy access to what you need to file your tax return. This option applies to personal Accounts only.

Business tax receipts are printed and will be mailed to the business address by the week of January 23, 2024.

To choose to receive your receipts electronically for personal Accounts:

Once you're logged in, click your name near the top right of the screen and go to ‘Profile & Settings’.

In ‘General’, under ‘Other Communications’, click ‘Edit’ to change your tax receipt preferences, and choose electronic.

You'll begin getting your receipts online from the date you switch to electronic delivery. You'll also have access to all your tax receipts for this tax year. You can find your tax receipts under 'Documents’ once you're logged in.

If you've already received paper receipts, you'll see these same receipts online, marked "DUPLICATE" to help you stay organized.