Using My Debit Card Online and While Travelling
Written by Seanna Kroft

Tuesday, September 29th, 2020

When I first started working seasonal jobs on my extended summers during university, I was really proud of the money I was earning. I wanted a bank account that would let me access my money in a way that matched my everyday spending and consumer habits.

I ended up choosing a chequing account that came with Visa* Debit, for a number of reasons:

I Wanted a Debit Card I Could Use Online

I've lived and studied in multiple provinces, but I've also held jobs outside Canada. I need my debit card to match my spending needs regardless of where I am.

Like 8 out of 10 Canadians, I'm increasingly turning to online options to make purchases. Paying with Visa Debit means I'm using my chequing account for my everyday banking and making online purchases without having to use a credit card.

Using my chequing account means I'm accessing my own money, and I have more spending options. I have access to cash through an ABM, can send email money transfers and pay in store. Since the account has Visa Debit, it also gives me the option to use the same funds for online purchases, making it the most convenient option.

I Wanted a Safe Way to Spend My Money

I enjoy going to stores and doing some of my shopping locally, however COVID-19 brought another consideration. I like having the option to purchase items online directly with money from my chequing account. I now have a way to make purchases safely without exposing myself or others to potential illness.

Visa Debit also helps protect my accounts from fraud with their Zero Liability Policy, which provides protection against unauthorized transactions if the card or card number are stolen.

I Wanted a Convenient Way to Spend While Travelling

I remember the first time I went on a trip without my parents as a teenager. My parents wanted me to use something called a money belt, which was like an oversized fanny pack, because holding a large amount of cash was common when travelling to another country, and they wanted me to be safe from pickpockets.

I'm so glad I don't need to use a money belt anymore!

Thankfully banking has evolved. Since I can use Visa Debit for international debit purchases, I no longer need to travel with excess cash, and I can access my own money rather than using credit. Once travel bans are fully lifted, this will be very convenient.

It's My Debit Card—Only More!

A bank card that includes Visa Debit does everything a typical debit card does to help you manage your everyday banking. Plus it allows online and international purchases from your chequing account wherever Visa is accepted. Currency conversion charges still apply.

I find it a convenient and safe feature that fits my spending needs, and it's become an indispensable spending tool.

*Trademark of Visa International Service Association and used under license.

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