Quick Ways to Help Pay My Credit Card Bill
Written by Vicky Payeur

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019

Living without a credit card is tough these days. From booking a trip or a hotel, to paying for car repairs or simply enjoying an activity with friends, a credit card means you can pay your bill without having to shell out the cash at that very moment.

However, such easy access to credit can lead us to stray somewhat from our budget. To help you avoid making late payments and to strike the right balance, here are a few of my favourite tips for quickly paying my credit card bill.

I also use these methods to help me start saving towards my financial goals.

1. Review My Budget and Limit Unnecessary Expenses

I simply identify all the payments that go through my bank accounts every month and eliminate the nonessential ones. Examples of expenses I've rethought are my numerous monthly subscriptions, as well as home entertainment that doesn't get much airtime.

I can also save on that $4 morning coffee, which costs $0.50 to make at home. I found over $100 in monthly expenses that I could cut out easily.

2. Put in Some Overtime at Work

I found that even if it's only an extra 3 hours one week, or an increase in workload one month, every dollar counts. If you can give it a try, you might even find yourself liking the opportunity to earn extra income.

3. Sell Household Items that I Don't Use

De-cluttering and selling unused items can bring in a lot of money. Electronics, furniture and children's items all sell easily on classified ad sites. For example, I made $800 in a single evening by posting the desktop computer I was no longer using on a classified ad site.

4. Find Temporary Contract Work

I've asked the people I know and browsed the jobs section on classified ad sites to find new opportunities. Handyman, painter, house cleaner, dog walker or babysitter - these are all contract jobs that could be done on a temporary basis. Consider whether you have skills you could use to earn some extra cash.

5. Skip Buying Groceries for a Week and Empty My Freezer

I've used my creativity to prepare meals with what's left in my freezer, refrigerator or cupboards, and found I can save money. Whenever I don't know what to make with an ingredient that's lying around, I do a quick online search to see what recipes come up.

Additional Money Towards Credit Card Bills and Savings

By applying some of these tips, you might be able to free up some cash to help pay off your credit card or start saving. Sometimes, breaking away from old habits is what leads to a healthy financial situation.

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