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Alexandra Macqueen is a CFP® certificant who cuts through complex financial issues to provide clear and compelling insights. She is the co-author of Thomson-Reuter's Guide to Personal Financial Planning, along with two editions of retirement income planning guide Pensionize Your Nest Egg. With a special focus on retirement income planning, she he​lps guide and empower people through the most important financial decisions they face. Follow her on Twitter at @moneygal.  

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Why Investing Today Means Future You Will Thank You
Why Investing Today Means Future You Will Thank You

Saving for retirement is likely on most peoples' radar. Even if we don't always do it, we know we should be putting aside some of each paycheque to meet future goals. And these days, if you're working from home, you could even have a little more left over each month that you can add. But when you're trying to figure out the best...

October 6th, 2022 | Alexandra Macqueen