My Top 3 Saving Hacks for Halloween
Written by Sultana Patail

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

Halloween is always an exciting time of year. Costumes and candy—what more could a kid ask for?

As an adult, it's still one of my favourite holiday traditions. However, the scariest thing about it these days is how much it costs! I've made the same money mistakes every year including this year, and I vow to avoid these mistakes from now on.

Here's where I've been going wrong and how I plan to save myself from a frightening bill next season.


Costumes have been my biggest expense by far. I always wait until the last minute and end up at one of those seasonal shops carrying the year's most sought after costumes for $50 a pop. This year was no different, when I decided at the eleventh hour that my clan should go as this year's hottest kid's movie: The Incredibles. Our costumes ran us a whopping $70 for the family. Had I thought about it earlier, I could've used existing clothes, bought dollar store props like eye masks, and handmade the details.

Next year's trick: If I've learned anything, it's to plan ahead and get creative. If you want to be trendy, consider top movies or newsworthy events from the year. If you're handy with needle and thread, sew your own. And if you do need to shop: thrift stores can provide great deals and will often have their own Halloween sections.


Candy is one of those unavoidable areas of Halloween that's gotten me every year. However, there are a few options. If you have the ability to resist eating it, the best thing you can do is buy off-season. Stock up early throughout the year when it's on sale. You'll get more bang for your buck than you would buying the over-priced multi-packs the week before Halloween.

Next year's trick: On the other hand, think outside the box. The idea is to offer something fun to your trick-or-treaters, but that doesn't necessarily mean candy. For instance, chose alternatives such as stickers or small toys. If you want to get really creative, why not offer an activity? Turn your place into a haunted house for a classic thrill. If you're thinking of something a little more modern, try setting up a slime making station. These are tons of fun and budget-friendly. If you want to really save, host a spooky story-time hour for your guests.


When I host a party, I always tend to go over budget, and it's usually in the same areas: food and drinks. As the host, I want to provide everything to my guests to ensure they're having a good time.

Next year's trick: I've learned to compromise. Turn your party into a potluck and make it fun. Ask everyone to contribute a Halloween themed dish. Likewise, make it BYOB so you don't end up footing the entire beverage bill.

I can't wait for next season to use these Halloween hacks!


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