Money Lessons From The Heavy Metal Drummer (Video)
Written by Tangerine

Friday, October 26th, 2018

Imagine having a life touring the world playing music, recording albums and owning the label that makes them. Many imagine it. JJ Tartaglia lives it. He plays in several heavy metal bands, runs the Wacken Metal Battles across Canada and owns Boonsdale Records which represents several bands.

This life does not come easily. There are good times and bad. Sometimes there’s a lot of responsibility with very little payback. Is it worth it? To JJ it is. 

JJ had to learn to manage his cash flows for the long periods of time that he’d be on tour and his bills needed to be paid. Tough early lessons have shaped his philosophy on managing money in the music business.


The music business can be unpredictable and this has taught JJ to save for the bad times. Doing this has given him the freedom to do what he loves.


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