It's always been a top priority at Tangerine to serve as advocates for consumers. We aim to help Canadians live better lives by helping them make smart decisions with their hard-earned money. But in today's transformative world, advocating for consumers through the products and services we (or any business) offer is not the only option available.

Transparency and trust are what consumers are looking for today. How a business is led and who leads it are the new table stakes. This is why I decided to write Weology. Its function is to bring all of Tangerine's stakeholders together — the business, employees and Clients to create win-win-win scenarios.

As I introduced Weology at all of our Tangerine Cafés across Canada, I was able to connect with our employees, our Clients and partners in each city. It again became incredibly clear to me how breaking down the stereotypes of leadership can help build and deepen trusting relationships.

This is my (our) hope for Weology — that through reading some of our stories of learning, leading, success and failure, we all remember that there's a better way to do business, one that puts humanity at the forefront of success.