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Mortgage-free at 30. Peter Aceto finds out how Sean Cooper did it (video)

Thursday, April 21st, 2016  |  Peter Aceto  |  Borrowing Articles

In 2012 Sean Cooper bought a house in Toronto for $425,000. He then embarked on a painstaking financial plan to pay off his $255,000 mortgage as soon as possible. He achieved his goal in just three years and two months — at the age of 30. Tangerine's Peter Aceto finds out how he did it.


About Peter Aceto

Peter Aceto is the President and CEO of Tangerine. He is a globally recognized and respected business leader and a change agent for leadership. He blogs regularly on Forward Thinking on a variety of topics from leadership and innovation to corporate culture and customer experience. Peter is the author of the business book Weology ( Follow him on Twitter @PeterAceto




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