Amaara Dhanji

Amaara is a Toronto-based writer and marketing professional with a passion for financial wellness. Having learned the importance of financial literacy at a young age, Amaara enjoys sharing her experiences with how she manages her money, and talking about different social constructs around money. Amaara started contributing to the Forward Thinking Blog back when she was a Marketing Summer Student.

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How one shopaholic became a saveaholic
How one shopaholic became a saveaholic

I have a confession: I used to have a terrible spending habit. I was an impulsive shopper and used shopping as a coping mechanism when I was sad or stressed out. I never tracked my spending or saving. While this was great for my wardrobe, I can't really say the same for my bank account. Then came the pandemic. I was stuck at...

July 20th, 2023 | Amaara Dhanji