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Amaara Dhanji

About the author

Amaara Dhanji wants to untangle money matters for young people by sharing relatable experiences and lessons in the stories she writes.

As a Toronto-based writer and marketing professional, she learned the importance of financial literacy at a young age. Amaara shares tips from her experience learning to manage her money in hopes of empowering other gen Zs and young millennials.

Fun fact: Amaara is a self-described “food nerd" on a mission to find cuisine from every country in the GTA. She has enjoyed food from more than 80 countries with her partner, chronicling her journey on TikTok. She also loves to bake and create new recipes. Who says you can't be adventurous and money-smart at the same time?


  • Toronto-based financial writer 
  • Marketing and social media professional 



  • Money management
  • Budgeting
  • Financial lifestyle topics