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Mobile Banking

The Tangerine Mobile Banking app makes your banking experience more convenient than ever before. Manage your Accounts, review transactions, transfer funds, locate ABMs, receive important notifications or even chat with one of our Associates – all through the Mobile Banking App. It’s a perfect way to do banking on the go.


  • Manage your Accounts

  • Check Account balances

  • Pay bills

  • Review transactions

  • Transfer funds

  • Email money

  • Deposit a cheque with Cheque-In®

  • Identify yourself using innovative and simple login options

  • Change your PIN

  • Access our Refer a Friend program

  • Buy & sell Tangerine Investment Funds

  • Check our rates

  • Access our mortgage tools

  • Find an ABM

  • Get directions and hours for Tangerine locations

  • Receive Orange Alerts

  • Tangerine Chequing Clients: Apple Pay is here!

Aside from the devices listed under the Devices tab, these features should work on any smartphone or tablet capable of downloading the most current version of the Tangerine Mobile Banking app.


Banking Made Easy

Check your Account balances, review transactions, pay bills, email money, buy and sell Tangerine Investment Funds and get info on our Tangerine Locations all with a single touch. Simply swipe to transact with your Account. You can even deposit a cheque using your smartphone or tablet with our Cheque-In® feature.


Cheque-In is the easiest and fastest way to deposit a cheque. No lineups or bank branches. You simply snap a photo of your cheque with your smartphone or tablet, enter a few details and voilà — the cheque is deposited into your Account. It’s that easy.

The next time someone hands you a cheque, don't just jam it into your wallet – deposit it on the spot with Cheque-In FAQs.

Easy Navigation

Access to your banking information is simpler than ever. Get the information you need quickly, when you need it, so that banking on the go is a breeze – and all with a single touch.

Stay in the Know

Choose how you'd like to receive alerts so you can always stay on top of your money. Doing your banking with multiple devices? Not a problem! Have your notifications go to each of your devices and stay up-to-date wherever you are.

ID Yourself with your Fingerprint, Eyeprint, or Voiceprint

You can now use Touch ID® on your Apple device to log in and have full access to your Accounts through the Mobile Banking app. Using the Quick View option, which gives you limited access and only asks you for your PIN when it’s absolutely needed, you can also identify yourself using Vocal Password or EyeVerify. As a Tangerine Client, you can look forward to future banking with even more new and innovative ways to gain control over your banking experience.

Touch ID on Apple devices allow you to identify yourself by recognizing your fingerprint and give you full banking access.

With Vocal Password you identify yourself using your voice for Quick View access.

With EyeVerify you identify yourself using your eyes, capturing an eyeprint from your eyes’ unique vein patterns for Quick View access.