Tangerine RIF Savings Account

Get a great interest rate on your retirement savings. When you're ready for retirement income, a Tangerine RIF Savings Account allows you to draw the income you need while enjoying all the benefits of our Tangerine Savings Account.

The interest earned in your RIF is tax-sheltered, but you’ll have to pay income taxes on the mandatory minimum RIF Payment Amounts you’ll receive every year. In addition, you can make withdrawals on top of your annual RIF Payment Amounts, which will be subject to government withholding taxes in addition to income taxes. And of course Tangerine never charges fees or requires minimum balances while you're saving with us.


Great rate: Our rates are among the best around.

No fees or service charges while you save with us: Because we know that every penny counts, we don't believe in fees or service charges. You won't have to pay money to save your money*.

No minimum balances: You earn the same great rate on every dollar in your Account.

Safe and secure: Tangerine Bank is a member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), which means your deposits of up to $100,000 are eligible for CDIC deposit insurance.

Current interest rate:
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Savings Account, Chequing Account, and GIC rates are annualized and are current as of today's date and are subject to change without notice. Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly in the case of our Savings and Chequing Accounts; and is calculated daily and paid at maturity on a GIC.

* RIF Savings Accounts have no fees while you’re saving with us. If at some point you decide to transfer your funds to another financial institution, a $45 fee will apply.