Refer a Friend Etiquette


We love it when our Clients eagerly participate in our Refer a Friend program! As a Client, when you share your Orange Key® with someone you know, it’s the same as saying, “Hey, I really like banking with Tangerine, and I think you’ll enjoy becoming a Client, too.” This means a lot to us, which is why we offer a Refer a Friend Bonus as our way of saying thanks.

Like everything else in life, there’s some etiquette to be aware of when you share your Orange Key.

  • Referring isn’t meant to be a part-time job. It’s great to earn a few extra bucks, right? Just remember that the Refer a Friend Bonus is our way of saying thanks for your referrals, not our way of putting you on our payroll. As much as we love the referrals, we don’t want anyone to quit their day job to focus on sharing their Orange Key.

  • No one wants money to come between friends. Referring is all about helping friends experience better banking, so your Orange Key isn’t meant as a means to make money off each other. Share your Orange Key, and your friends will see what Forward Banking is all about when they open an Account with their own money.

  • We all hate spam. Plastering your Orange Key out there like a cheesy sales pitch tends to make people cringe. Share it one-on-one with people you know, but avoid mass distribution of your Orange Key.

  • No need to reinvent the tools. We’ve created emails and other tools you can use to share your Orange Key, and they work really well, if we do say so ourselves. We recommend that you use them as is for maximum effectiveness, rather than changing these materials.

Be yourself… not us. The Tangerine lawyers want us to remind you that it’s not OK to use our trademarks, including our logo, anywhere that you’re using your Orange Key. Imitation may be the highest form of flattery, but it’s important that you don’t represent yourself as Tangerine in any channels where you’re sharing your Orange Key.

Thanks for your referrals!