Tangerine Social Media Terms of Use

The following terms apply if you access any of the social media pages, accounts, sites, channels and/or related applications established and administered by Tangerine Bank (each individually referred to as a "Social Media Page", collectively referred to as the "Social Media Pages"). The term "Websites" includes Social Media Pages. The term "Social Media Page Website" refers to the website which hosts the Social Media Pages you are accessing.

Each Tangerine Social Media Page is intended for the discussion of Tangerine and its products and services. All users of Tangerine Social Media Pages must comply with the applicable Social Media Page Website’s Terms of Use and the Tangerine Social Media Terms of Use for the applicable Social Media Page. If you have concerns about anything posted on our Social Media Pages, please contact us at socialmedia@tangerine.ca.

Tangerine and its affiliates or related entities, their successors and assigns, and their respective directors, officers and employees are not liable for any errors or omissions on any Social Media Page, or for any loss or damages suffered as a result of anything appearing on any Social Media Page. Any information or views provided on our Social Media Pages are current as of the date indicated and are subject to change without notice. Any information provided on a Social Media Page is for information purposes only, and does not constitute any financial, legal, tax, investment or other advice. Where such statements are based on information provided by third parties, they are not guaranteed to be accurate or complete. Any graphs, charts, or graphics are used for illustrative purposes only and don’t reflect any future event or future value or performance of any investment. Any products and services, including investment, trading or tax strategies, must be evaluated relative to each individual’s goals, objectives, and risk tolerance.

Tangerine is not responsible for anything posted to any Social Media Page by third parties and provides no representation, warranty or condition as to the accuracy or completeness of information contained in such material. The views expressed on our Social Media Pages don’t necessarily represent or reflect the views of Tangerine. Tangerine is not responsible for, and disclaims any liability in relation to, anything posted by contributors to, or users of, our Social Media Pages.

These Terms of Use apply to users of all of our Social Media Pages and/or any application(s) within a Social Media Page. By using a Social Media Page and submitting a comment, photo, video, links and/or other materials or content (including third party content) (“Content”), you (and your parent/legal guardian if you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence) agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

Tangerine reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without notice, to remove any Content that doesn’t adhere to these Terms of Use. You agree to the following when posting or submitting any Content to a Social Media Page:

  1. You won’t post any Content on any Social Media Page that may be inappropriate in nature. This means that any Content you submit, including linked Content, must not be inappropriate, abusive or otherwise offensive, and must not contain, depict or involve (without limitation) any of the following:

    • Profanity or otherwise offensive language;
    • Nudity or pornographic material;
    • Derogatory characterizations of any ethnic, racial, gender, professional, age or religious groups;
    • Content that endorses or condones any illegal, inappropriate or risky activity or behavior or any particular political party, agenda or message;
    • Any Content that defames, misrepresents or contains disparaging remarks about other people, products or companies;
    • Content that endorses any form of hate or hate group;
    • Content that communicates message or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which Tangerine wishes to associate or that would reflect negatively on the name, reputation or goodwill of Tangerine, its subsidiaries or affiliates; or
    • Any other Content that is or could be considered illegal, inappropriate, unsuitable or offensive, all as determined by Tangerine in its sole discretion
  2. You won’t post or submit any third party Content unless you’ve first obtained consent from the Content owner. By posting and/or submitting Content to a Social Media Page, you represent that you have the right to share the material in your submitted Content, including, intellectual property such as, but not limited to, trademarks and copyrighted material. For example:

    • You must obtain consent from every person who helped you create the Content (e.g. photographers, videographers, etc.).
    • You can’t post, submit or otherwise use (in any Content you post) any music, logos, trademarks or other copyrighted materials (e.g. photographs, pictures, texts, lyrics, etc.) unless you have first obtained consent from the owner of the materials.
  3. You won’t post or submit any personal information about yourself or third parties (e.g. addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) or disclose any financial information pertaining to yourself or others on any Social Media Page.

  4. You won’t post Content that contains images, photos or likenesses of individuals, including without limitation celebrities and/or other public or private figures, unless you first obtain consent from every identifiable person (and their parent/legal guardian if they’re under the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence) who appears in your posted Content (note: if you can’t obtain the appropriate consent for an identifiable individual appearing in your posted Content, then their face must be blurred out or otherwise made unidentifiable).

  5. You won’t post Content containing advertisements, personal or commercial solicitations, “spam” or junk mail content, or references to other websites.

You (and your parent/legal guardian if you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence) hereby agree to release, and hold harmless Tangerine from and against any and all claims based on any Content you post and/or submit, including (without limitation) claims based on publicity rights, defamation, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, trademark infringement or any other intellectual property related cause of action.

Our Social Media Pages and all content are provided “as is”. By accessing and using a Social Media Page you (and your parent/legal guardian if you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence) acknowledge and agree that use of the Social Media Page and the content is entirely at your own risk. Tangerine is not liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided on any Social Media Page, or for any loss or damages suffered as a result the information and materials appearing on any Social Media Page or relating to any other matter.

Tangerine is a registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia, used under licence.