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Investment Funds Consent to Electronic Delivery

I have read, understand and consent to electronic delivery of the types of documents outlined below that Tangerine Investments may choose to deliver to me electronically. I know that only account statements are currently available, but over time, Tangerine intends to have an electronic option for all the documents outlined below.

I consent to the electronic delivery of all account related documents such as statements, trade confirmations, simplified prospectuses, fund facts and documents explaining how my accounts work. As well, electronic documents may also include required sales disclosures and other documents Tangerine makes available. I also request and consent to the electronic delivery of my tax receipts which I will need to prepare my Income Tax return, such as my T3, T5, RSP Contribution receipts, T4RSP, T4RIF, T3, NR4, RL2, RL3, as well any information slips required for the operation and maintenance of a Tax Free Savings Account, where applicable.

Tangerine will provide me with a notice at tangerine.ca on the Message Board in my account profile when a Document has been delivered to me. The documents will be made available online in PDF format and I am responsible for retrieving the documents and having Adobe Acrobat software to review the documents.

I understand that I will be provided with a paper copy of any documents normally delivered electronically if electronic delivery fails and that electronic documents will be viewable for a period of eighteen (18) months in my account profile at tangerine.ca.

I acknowledge that the electronic delivery from Tangerine Investments is free. I understand that I can revoke or change my preferences at any time simply by contacting Tangerine.

I understand that despite the benefits to the environment, I am not required to consent to electronic delivery and that by electing to receive the Documents electronically, I will save trees and no longer receive them by regular mail.