Interac e-Transfer® Terms and Conditions

The Service: Using the Interac e-Transfer service, Tangerine Bank Clients can send and receive Interac e-Transfer transactions to and from their Tangerine Account.  Use of the Interac e-Transfer service is subject to the terms, conditions and limits imposed by Interac Inc. For more details, please visit

(a) Definitions

"Interac" means Interac Corporation, the company that operates the Interac e-Transfer service.

"Recipient” means the person to whom the Sender has sent or intends to send money through the Service or the Interac e-Transfer service of another financial institution.

"Tangerine Account” means the Tangerine Bank Account(s) you have selected for sending or receiving a Transfer. Note: only the Tangerine Chequing Account can be used for sending.

"Sender” means the person who has sent, is in the process of sending, or will send money to the Recipient using the Service or the Interac e-Transfer service of another financial institution.

"Service” means the Interac e-Transfer service, available to Tangerine Bank Clients through and through Tangerine's Mobile Banking app.

"Transfer” means a transfer of funds sent or received using the Service.

(b) General Requirements

  1. To send money from your Tangerine Account using the Service, you must have sufficient funds in that Account to cover the amount of funds being transferred plus any applicable fees.

  2. You must comply at all times with the technical and security requirements which may be established with respect to the Service and which are provided to you. These technical and service requirements may be modified or replaced from time to time.

(c) Limits

You understand that Tangerine Bank, other participating financial institutions and/or Interac may impose limits, dollar and otherwise, that apply to your use of the Service including, without limitation, on the amount of money that you are allowed to send and receive using the Interac e-Transfer Service. These limits are subject to change without prior notice to you and can be viewed on Neither Tangerine Bank nor Interac is responsible for any delays in the Service or for any losses or damages you or any other person may suffer as a result of the application of these limits or changes to such limits.

(d) Security Question and Answer

When you, the Sender, send funds to an intended Recipient who hasn't enabled Autodeposit, you'll need to have a security question (the "Security Question”) and an answer to the Security Question that will be used to confirm the Recipient's identity as that of the intended Recipient. To prevent unauthorized access to the funds, the answer to the Security Question must be known only to you and the Recipient. Neither Tangerine Bank nor Interac are liable for any unauthorized deposit if you create a Security Question and Answer that someone other than the Recipient knows, or is likely to know or easily guess or obtain. Tangerine Bank will not be liable for losses incurred by Senders or Recipients as a result of the misuse, improper communication or improper disclosure of the Answer to the Security Question.

(e) Request Money Service

With the Request Money service, you, as the Recipient, can send a request for a Transfer to a Sender through the Service. If the Sender doesn't respond to your request within thirty days of your request, Interac will notify you by email or SMS notification that your request has expired.

(f) Cancelling the Transfer

You, the Sender, can cancel a Transfer by logging in at, choosing the applicable Account and selecting the transaction, provided that the Recipient hasn't already deposited the money into his/her deposit account, whether it's at Tangerine Bank or another participating financial institution. Once a Recipient has deposited money, or provided directions for the deposit of the money, you, the Sender, can't reclaim the money through the Service. If your cancellation request is accepted, the amount of the Transfer will be deposited to your Tangerine Account.

(g) Privacy Matters

  1. To send money using the Service, you must provide your email address to us. We may disclose your email address to Interac and their employees and agents for the purposes of processing your Transfers. If you change your email address, you're responsible for updating the email address we have on file for you.

  2. The information you provide to us in connection with the Service will be treated in accordance with the terms of the Tangerine Privacy Code. For example, we may share your information with other participating financial institutions, with Interac and with its suppliers and agents for the purposes of providing the Service.

  3. You, as the Sender, agree not to initiate a Transfer to anyone who has not consented to receive it. Once you initiate a Transfer to a Recipient, we may share that Recipient's email address or mobile number with other participating financial institutions, Interac, and their respective suppliers and agents for the purposes of providing the Service. When you send money to a Recipient, an email and/or SMS notification will be sent to the Recipient indicating that money is being transferred and that discloses (A) your (the Sender's) name, (B) the name of the Recipient, and (C) the amount of the Transfer. The notification will also instruct the Recipient on how to deposit the money to his/her Tangerine Account or that of another participating financial institution. Email or SMS notifications to the Recipient will appear to have been sent from Interac

(h) Liability for Notifications

It's your responsibility to monitor your email account for email notifications or your mobile device for SMS notifications regarding Transfers that you are either sending or receiving. For each Transfer, both the Sender and the Recipient may receive one or more email or SMS notifications concerning the same Transfer. Neither Tangerine Bank nor Interac will be responsible if an email or SMS notification is intentionally or unintentionally forwarded to anyone else by the Sender or the Recipient.

(i) Invalid Email Addresses or Invalid Mobile Numbers

If you, the Sender, provide an invalid email address or invalid mobile number for a Recipient and if, for that or for any other reason, your email or SMS notification is not received at the intended email address or mobile number, an email notification will be sent to you (provided that Interac is notified that the email or SMS notification was not received) advising you that the email address or mobile number is invalid. When you receive the notification, you’ll need to update the Recipient’s email address or mobile number in your contact list and send a new Transfer. You can deposit the funds from the original Transfer back into your Tangerine Account by clicking the link contained in the notification and following the instructions. Neither Tangerine Bank nor Interac will be liable for any losses due to any delays in the notification email reaching you.

(j) Your obligations regarding the Recipient

You acknowledge that you have advised the Recipient that, in order to deposit the funds from a Transfer that you have sent, the Recipient may be required to sign up for the online banking service provided by his/her participating financial institution. If the Recipient chooses not to sign up for online banking or his/her financial institution doesn't offer the Interac e-Transfer service, in order for the money to be deposited into the Recipient's bank account, the Recipient can register with Interac by providing the Recipient's bank account and such other information as Interac may require. Funds received by a Recipient in this way will usually be deposited three to six business days after the Recipient accepts the Transfer.

(k) Record of Transactions

You agree that the Sender's financial institution, the Recipient's financial institution and Interac may retain a record of the following information relevant to each Transfer: the names of the Sender or Recipient; the transit number, account number, and the names of the financial institutions of both the Sender and Recipient.

(l) Service Limited to Canadian Funds within Canada

You acknowledge that the Service is offered for Transfers in Canadian funds only and may be used to transfer funds to and from Canadian dollar accounts held at participating Canadian financial institutions. A list of participating financial institutions is available here.

(m) Timeframes for Availability of Funds

Funds will generally be available to the Recipient immediately upon receiving an email or SMS notification that funds have been transferred to him or her through the Service, unless the Recipient doesn't bank online with a participating financial institution as described in paragraph (k) above. However, the actual time to receive funds may vary depending upon the circumstances and accordingly, Tangerine Bank makes no representations regarding the maximum time to complete a Transfer.

(n) Claiming a Transfer

As a Recipient, you have thirty days from the date a Transfer is initiated by a Sender (the "Transfer Date”) to claim the funds transferred. If you send funds and the Recipient doesn't claim the funds within thirty days after the Transfer Date, Interac will notify you by email and you can reclaim the funds by clicking the link contained in the notification and providing your instructions as to the Tangerine Account to which the reclaimed funds should be deposited.

(o) Fees

If applicable, your wireless carrier's standard instant messaging and data charges apply. If you send money to a Recipient, the Recipient may be charged a fee to receive the funds by their financial institution or by Interac. The fees may be deducted from the funds you've sent or may be applied as a surcharge or part of a service fee. If you use the Request Money service to request a Transfer from a sender, the Sender won't be charged a fee to fulfil this request.

(p) No Third Party Use

You won't allow the Service to be used by any third party to perform transactions on your Tangerine Accounts for sending, receiving or requesting funds or for any fraudulent or illegal purpose or to perform money-laundering transactions.

(q) Limitation of Liability

In addition to any other limitations of liability set out in this Agreement, we aren't liable to you for any delay, loss, damage or expense arising from:

  1. Acts or omissions of a Sender or Recipient;

  2. Acts or omissions of any third party including, without limitation, a participating financial institution or Interac;

  3. Disclosure by Sender or Recipient of the Security Question and Answer;

  4. Payment of the funds being transferred to a third party who correctly answers the Security Question;

The above exclusions apply whether or not the acts or omissions above would otherwise give rise to a cause of action in contract, tort, statute or any other doctrine of law, and even if Tangerine Bank was advised of the possibility of damages or was negligent.

(r) Disputes

If you use the Service to make, receive or request a payment for goods or services, to satisfy a debt or other obligation or to make a gift, you must settle any disputes or claims arising from such transactions directly with the Sender or Recipient, as the case may be.

Interac e-Transfer is a registered trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under license.