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Log in and click 'Switch Assistant' to get started.

Switch to no-fee daily chequing and keep more of what you earn.

If you’re still using a chequing account somewhere else as your everyday account, then chances are you’re still paying fees to that other bank.

The best way to make the most of the great features of your Tangerine Chequing Account is to switch over your everyday banking, so that you don’t have to pay unfair fees just to use your own money.

Our Switch Assistant tool will take care of arranging everything that you’d like to transfer over from your chequing account at your other bank – no headaches, no hassles. Setting up the transfers takes as little as 15 minutes. It’s a simple tool to use, co-created with feedback from Clients, and it gives you updates on how your transfers are progressing.

It’s a perfect time to ensure you’re making the most of all the great features of your Tangerine Chequing Account:

  • Interest earned on every dollar, calculated daily and paid monthly.

  • Free ABM access through the Scotiabank® ABM Network

  • Free Email Alerts let you know when your money is in motion to ensure you're on top of it at all times.

  • Free Email Money Transfers

  • Cheque-In® using our Mobile Banking app. Simply snap a photo of your cheque, enter a few details and the cheque is deposited into your Account instantly.

  • Mobile Banking!


Tangerine’s Chequing Account named ‘Best Chequing Account’ by RateSupermarket.ca

We’re pleased to have won an award for ‘Best Chequing Account’ in RateSupermarket.ca’s ‘Best of Finance 2015’.

Have you ever checked how much you’re paying in bank fees? The average Canadian is spending nearly $200 per year in bank fees, according to Statistics Canada**. Over time, that really adds up and can make it harder to get ahead financially.

Use the Switch Assistant today and say goodbye to unnecessary fees at your other bank!

Once you’ve arranged your transfers, with Switch Protection, you can feel confident that in case a transferred pre-authorized payment comes through slightly ahead of a transferred direct deposit, we’ll hold off your payment until 7:30 pm to help give it a chance to clear.

Log in and click 'Switch Assistant' to get started.

Log in and click 'Switch Assistant' to get started.