Today could be the last day you pay unfair fees. Switch to No-Fee Daily Chequing and stop paying up to $220 a year in unfair fees. Plus get up to $100 in Bonuses.*

Open a Tangerine Chequing Account and say goodbye to unfair bank fees

Don’t think bank fees are a big deal? The average Canadian spends up to $220 a year in bank fees, according to Statistics Canada.** Over time, that money really adds up – wouldn’t it be nice if you could use it towards something more worthwhile? With a Tangerine no-fee daily Chequing Account, you could keep more of your money, and finally say goodbye to unfair fees.

Switch to our award-winning Tangerine no-fee daily Chequing Account and get:
  • Interest earned on every dollar, calculated daily and paid monthly.
  • Free ABM access through the Scotiabank® ABM Network.
  • Free Tangerine Email Money Transfers.
  • Free Email Alerts letting you know when your money is in motion – so you can stay on top of it at all times.
  • An easy-to-use Mobile Banking app that gives you the convenience of having your daily banking right at your fingertips.
  • Cheque-In® using our Mobile Banking app. Simply snap a photo of your cheque, enter a few details and the cheque is deposited into your Account instantly.

Plus, get up to $100 in Bonuses* when you become a new Client and switch now.


When you become a new Client by opening a Tangerine Chequing Account with a deposit of $100 or more and use the Orange Key® Switchnow between September 1, 2016 and April 28, 2017, we’ll give you a $25 cash Bonus.


Once you’ve opened your Account, you can earn an additional $75 Bonus when you switch your payroll direct deposits by April 28, 2017. Your first payroll direct deposit has to be deposited into your Tangerine Chequing Account by April, 28 2017 in order to get the $75 cash Bonus. 

Ready to become a Client by opening a Tangerine Chequing Account?
Don’t forget to enter this Orange Key: Switchnow

Our Switch Assistant tool makes it easy to transfer everything from your chequing account at your other bank to Tangerine

After you open your Tangerine Chequing Account, you can use our Switch Assistant tool to switch your banking. It’s a simple tool to use and takes as little as 15 minutes to set up transfers of your:

  • payroll direct deposits
  • pre-authorized payments
  • bill payees

Once you’ve arranged your transfers, the tool gives you updates on how they’re progressing. And with Switch Protection, you can feel confident that in case a transferred pre-authorized payment comes through slightly ahead of a transferred direct deposit, we’ll hold off your payment until 7:30 pm to help give it a chance to clear.


The 'Tangerine' trademarks are owned by The Bank of Nova Scotia and used under licence. Forward Banking, Cheque-In and Orange Key are registered trademarks of Tangerine Bank.

Scotiabank® is a registered trademark of The Bank of Nova Scotia.

* Offer is available between September 1, 2016 and April 28, 2017 (the "Offer Period"). A $25 Account Opening Bonus is available to New Tangerine Clients whose first product is a Tangerine Chequing Account and who enroll using the Orange Key 'Switchnow'. The Account must be successfully opened by April 28, 2017 with a minimum initial deposit of $100. A further $75 Payroll Bonus is available to New Tangerine Clients if, in addition to successfully opening their first Tangerine Chequing Account during the Offer Period, also have their first payroll direct deposit received in their Tangerine Chequing Account by May 31, 2017, and have their subsequent payroll direct deposits continue for 3 consecutive months. To receive the $75 Bonus, the Client must never have received a Bonus related to switching their payroll direct deposits or pre-authorized payments to any Account any time previously. Bonus(es) will be paid to the Client’s Tangerine Chequing Account in the subsequent month following the satisfaction of these conditions. Full offer Terms and Conditions are available here.

**Source: Statistics Canada Table 203-0021 – Survey of household spending (SHS), household spending, Canada, regions and provinces, annual (dollars).