Tangerine Non-Registered Savings Accounts Full Terms and Conditions (the “Non-Registered Account Offer Terms and Conditions”)


  1. The Tangerine Bank (the “Bank”) Special Savings Rate Offer for Non-Registered Savings Accounts (the “Offer”) is available to existing Tangerine Clients who: (1) receive a communication about the Offer directly from the Bank, (2) “Activate” the Offer (as defined in Section 4 below) by and (3) receive a Confirmation in their online Inbox that the Offer has been successfully activated (“Eligible Clients”).

  2. The Offer is only available to Eligible Clients on combined daily closing balances in their eligible Tangerine Savings Account(s), as defined below (“Applicable Accounts”) to a maximum daily closing balance of in all Applicable Accounts combined (“Eligible Balances”) from to (the “Promotion Period”).

  3. For the purposes of this Offer, “Applicable Accounts” only include Tangerine Savings Accounts and don’t include any other Tangerine Accounts such as (but not limited to) Tax-Free Savings Accounts (“TFSA Savings”), RSP Savings Accounts (“RSP Savings”), RIF Savings Accounts, US$ Savings Accounts, Business Savings Accounts, US$ Business Savings Accounts, or Children’s Savings Accounts.

  4. To “Activate” the Offer, the Client needs to perform one of the following actions by :

    1. Click the ‘Activate Now’ button in the Offer email that the Client has received directly from the Bank; or

    2. Click the ‘Activate Now’ button on Tangerine’s website once the Client has logged in; or

    3. Open an Applicable Account.

Promotional Interest

    1. “Promotional Interest” is the interest earned on Eligible Balances as part of this Offer, calculated at a “Promotional Interest Rate” of , which is the sum of the applicable posted rate of interest listed on the Bank’s website (the “Posted Rate”) and an additional top-up rate of interest to make up the difference (the “Top Up Rate”). Therefore, Promotional Interest earned is the sum of: (1) interest earned on Eligible Balances calculated at the Posted Rate, and (2) additional interest earned on Eligible Balances calculated at the Top Up Rate (“Additional Interest”). The Posted Rate may change at any time without prior notice, resulting in a corresponding change to the Top Up Rate so that Promotional Interest remains unchanged during the Promotion Period.


      Example: If the Posted Rate is 0.40%, a Promotional Interest Rate of 2.50% will be made up of the Posted Rate and a Top Up rate of 2.10%. If the Posted Rate changes to 0.50%, the Top Up Rate will change to 2.00% such that the Promotional Interest Rate will remain at 2.50%.

    2. Subject to the limits and qualifications outlined in these Terms and Conditions, the Promotional Interest Rate will apply to Eligible Balances and be calculated daily at close of business (ET) and paid monthly. Eligible Clients will receive Promotional Interest earned in two separate interest payments: (1) interest earned on Eligible Balances at the Posted Rate is paid at the end of the month in which it was accrued, (2) Additional Interest is paid at the start of the month following the month in which it was calculated.

    3. On days during the Promotion Period, where the combined balances in the Applicable Accounts are above , the Promotional Interest Rate will apply to the maximum amount and the Posted Rate will apply to that portion of the combined balances in the Applicable Accounts that is over . Promotional Interest Rate will be applied to balances in the oldest Applicable Account first and subsequently to other Applicable Account(s) in the order in which the Account(s) had been opened until the maximum combined balance of has been reached.


      Example: Eligible Client with multiple Applicable Accounts

      An Eligible Client who activates the Offer has three Tangerine Savings Accounts. The first Tangerine Savings Account opened has $50,000, the second Account has $960,000 and the third has $25,000. Since $1,000,000 is the maximum balance threshold, the Promotional Interest Rate will apply only to the balances in the first and second Tangerine Savings Accounts up to $1,000,000 (i.e. $50,000 in the first Account and $950,000 in the second Account). The third Tangerine Savings Account with a balance of $25,000 will receive the Posted Rate.

Tangerine Non-Registered Savings Accounts Balance and Interest Rates
Tangerine Savings Accounts Balance in Tangerine Savings Account Promotional Interest Rate Posted Rate
Account 1 $50,000 $50,000 N/A
Account 2 $960,000 $950,000 $10,000
Account 3 $25,000 N/A $25,000
  1. After the Promotion Period ends, all balances in the Applicable Accounts will earn interest at the Posted Rate.

  2. The Promotional Interest Rate will be automatically applied to all Eligible Balances in all existing Applicable Accounts that the Eligible Client has when the Promotion Period begins, and to all Eligible Balances in any subsequent Applicable Accounts opened by the Eligible Client during the Promotion Period.

  3. Any Applicable Account closed prior to the payment of Promotional Interest will forfeit any Promotional Interest calculated during the month in which the Applicable Account is closed.


  1. This Offer is non-transferable and is only for Eligible Clients. The Offer is only applicable to Applicable Accounts where the Eligible Client is the person whose name appears first on the Bank statement (the “Primary Account Holder”). Where an Eligible Client is not the Primary Account Holder (e.g. the Eligible Client is not the Primary Account Holder on a joint Applicable Account and is listed second on the statement for that Account), the Offer won’t be applied to that particular Account.


  1. This Offer can’t be combined with any other promotional rate offers for non-registered Savings Accounts. Where an Eligible Client qualifies for more than one promotional rate offer for non-registered Savings Accounts from the Bank, this Offer will cancel any other existing promotional rate offers and will be applied to the Eligible Client’s Applicable Accounts unless otherwise arranged.

  2. The Bank reserves the right at its absolute discretion to revise these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.

  3. The Bank reserves the right to suspend, terminate or extend the Offer in whole or in part, at any time and from time to time without notice at its absolute discretion.

  4. The Bank reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to disqualify any Eligible Client it finds or believes to be manipulating or otherwise abusing the process, fairness, or integrity of the Offer or otherwise becomes ineligible.

  5. To the extent that these Terms and Conditions are inconsistent with any other communication, advertisement, promotional material or statement, whether written or oral from the Bank (collectively “Messages”), these Terms and Conditions will supersede all other Messages.

  6. By accepting this Offer, you agree that you’ve read and understood these Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them. Any notice offered by us with respect to this Offer is deemed to be provided on the day it’s posted on our website.

  7. By accepting the Offer, you consent to receive electronic messages that notify you when the Offer Period is expiring and inform you about the interest rate that will take effect after the Offer Period expires.