You work hard for your business, and your hard-earned money should too

If your business keeps cash on hand to cover expenses, why not put that money to work where it will earn more money for your business?

Make a smart business move

With a Tangerine Business Savings Account you’ll get high interest, no fees, no service charges and you can always get access to your money when you need it. And, starting September 7th, any new deposits you make to your Business Savings Account will earn a special interest rate of 2.00%* until November 30th, 2017.

Your Business Savings Account helps you earn more, save more and keep more

Saving with a higher interest rate means your business cash can earn even more without more effort. The sooner you take advantage of this special interest rate, the more your money can grow.

Deposit money into your Business Savings Account today.


  • Great rates
  • No fees, no service charges
  • No minimum balances
  • Easy access, online or by phone, 24/7
  • Cheque-In®: Deposit your business cheques using the Tangerine Mobile Banking app