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What numbers can be used for 2-Step Authentication?

What numbers can be used for 2-Step Authentication?

We only accept Canadian or US numbers for 2-Step authentication. If you’re not able to set up 2-Step authentication, there are a few things you can try:

  • if you’re using voice over internet phone (VOIP) services, you may not be able to receive our text or call

  • Ensure you have service (full bars on mobile) to receive the text or call

  • Check with your network provider or carrier to see if there are any blocks on your phone

  • See if your phone settings allow for you to receive incoming text messages

  • Check your cellular reception, and if you're in an area with a poor connection, try again later

  • Try restarting your mobile device

Please note that you're responsible for any fees your wireless provider may charge, including roaming and standard messaging and data charges.