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Interac® sign in service FAQs

What is Interac® sign in service?

Interac® sign in service is a convenient way for you to access government services. Instead of having to create and manage a new User ID for each online government service you use, you can access all of them by signing in with your Tangerine login information. Once you sign into Interac® sign in service through your Tangerine login, you're returned to the government service. Since you're logging in through Tangerine, your personal information (including your PIN, name, address, date of birth, etc.) safely stays with Tangerine and is not provided to the government sites during this process.

Interac® sign in service is a commercial service operating independently of Tangerine, other financial institutions and the Government of Canada.

How does Interac® sign in service protect my information?

Interac® sign in service acts as an information filter between government services and Sign-In Partners such as Tangerine. By brokering the connection, Interac® sign in service ensures that no government service knows which Sign-In Partner you're using, and that no Sign-In Partner knows which government service you're accessing.

The only information Tangerine will supply to Interac® sign in service is a randomly generated number created the first time you use the system and returned to Interac® sign in service with each subsequent use of the system. Your PIN and personal information (name, address, date of birth, etc.) are not shared during this process. For more details about how Interac® sign in service uses your information, please refer to Tangerine's Privacy Code.

Can I change Sign-In Partners if I no longer want to do this through my Tangerine login?

You can change your Sign-In Partner at any time. However some government services require you to complete identity proofing questions when you use a new Sign-In Partner.

Is there a way to change Sign-In Partners without having to re-enroll in the government service?

Yes. By using the "Switch My Sign-In Partner" link, you will be guided through the process of switching from one Sign-In Partner to another.

Can I use different Sign-In Partners for different government services?

Yes, you can use multiple Sign-In Partners, besides Tangerine.

Can I use this service if I already have an existing government-issued user ID and password?

Yes. Using Interac® sign in service means that you don't have to remember or manage a variety of user IDs and passwords as your "login credentials". Simply use your Tangerine login information.

Do I have to use Interac® sign in service to access the Government of Canada sites?

No. You're not required or obligated to use this service. You can still use any existing login options offered by the Government of Canada.

Who is Interac Corp.?

For more information about Interac Corp., please visit:

Glossary of common terms

Sign-In Partner: An organization that has partnered with Interac Corp. to offer you the Interac® sign in service. Sign-In Partners may include financial institutions and telco companies, among others.

Financial Institution: Commonly referred to as your bank. Financial institutions also include credit unions and other banking institutions.

Credentials: Typically, this is your user ID/password combination that you would use to sign in to access services.