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How do I pay a bill?

How do I pay a bill?

There are different options available for bill payments, based on your needs.

Payments made online or through our Mobile Banking app
You can make bill payments through your Chequing Account either online or on our Mobile Banking app.

To make an online or Mobile Banking app bill payment:
1. Log in and hit ‘Pay Bills’ (on your mobile device hit the '+' sign first, then 'Pay Bills').
2. Scroll to the bill payee you'd like to pay, enter the amount and hit 'Next'.
3. Confirm your bill payment details, and hit 'Pay'.

Can't find your bill payee? Select 'Add a Bill' and follow the prompts from there.

Payments made through your Client Card with Visa* Debit
When making a bill payment, enter your Client Card information as your payment details, and you'll be paying directly with money from your Chequing Account.

Recurring payments made through Pre-Authorized Payments
With pre-authorized payments, you give your permission to the merchant or payee to take the payments directly from your Chequing Account. For details on how to set up a pre-authorized payment, click here.

Here's a tip: Pay your bill 2-3 business days before your due date to ensure that your bill is paid on time. Remember that different payees have different bill processing times.