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How do I add a bill payee?

How do I add a bill payee?

You can make bill payments through your Chequing Account either online or on our Mobile Banking app.

To add a bill payee:
1. Log in, click ‘Pay Bills’
2. Hit ‘Add a Payee’ and enter the bill payee’s name.
3. Provide a nickname and the account number of the bill, and click 'Submit'.

Your payee will now display in your payee list.

To make a payment:
1. Enter the amount you'd like to pay and click ‘Submit’.
2. Confirm your bill payment details, and your payment will be sent the following business day.

Here's a tip: Pay your bill 2-3 business days before your due date to ensure that your bill is paid on time. Remember that different payees have different bill processing times.