Rate Hold

A rate hold is a great way to secure a low rate without having to complete an application. All you need is an email address.

If you chose one of our fixed rates, and you submit the mortgage application within 30 days, you're protected for 120 days from today if the rate goes up. And if the rate goes down and you have submitted a deal, you will naturally get our lower rate.

If you chose the 5 year variable rate, you are guaranteed the difference, or spread, between Tangerine Prime and our rate. So if the spread goes up you're protected. Keep in mind Tangerine Prime can change.

Your days of shopping around for a mortgage are over!

If you have the Tangerine Mortgage and are renewing, you already have a 60-day rate guarantee. But if you are refinancing or buying a new home and don't need a pre-approval, the Rate Hold is for you.

Current interest rates:
Annual interest calculated semi-annually not in advance.

Mortgage and other loan rates are annual rates and are subject to change without notice and are current as of today's date.