Our Tangerine Promises

At Tangerine, we’re committed to helping Canadians live better lives. It’s why we come in to work each and every day. And it’s our purpose for delivering forward banking to Canadians. We can only do this by making some important promises, and more importantly, by keeping them!

Why Promises?

Promises are personal. They’re human. We all understand their importance and their power. After all, the bedrock of our integrity is defined by the promises we keep, and it’s only through honouring and delivering on those promises that trust is earned.

Whether you’re a Client, Employee, Shareholder, or one of the communities we serve, here are the Promises we pledge to keep.

We Dare

We Dare means challenging the status quo and innovating on behalf of our Clients - providing them with the best possible experience. It’s our promise to our employees to act boldly - being candid with each other, and showing determination as a team. It calls on us to be explorers, finding new ways to empower the communities we serve. And for shareholders, it means we’re the ones they can count on to disrupt the market with innovative solutions.

We Care

We Care means we work tirelessly for our Clients and value the needs and uniqueness of all of our colleagues at Tangerine. It asks us to understand and support the issues facing our communities. And for shareholders, we demonstrate that we care by operating honestly and ethically.

We Share

We Share reflects the desire to make a difference which is at the heart of our culture. It’s empowering our Clients with the knowledge and tools to take charge of their financial future. It’s about collaborating internally, to create an engaging, exciting team environment for our employees. It’s giving our time, expertise, energy and resources to our communities. And it’s how we grow shareholder value – by sharing ideas and best practices.

We Deliver

We Deliver is the power of keeping our Promises. It’s how we redefine our Clients’ banking experiences in ways they never imagined possible. It’s providing our employees with challenges in an environment of opportunity, accountability and growth. It’s strengthening the communities in which we live and work. And it’s about generating value for our shareholder – the millions of Canadians invested in our success – through innovation and profitability.