Orange culture

If you walk through our offices or interact with our employees, you see it. If you visit one of our Tangerine locations or follow us on social media, you feel it. We call it Orange Spirit and it looks like this:


Our organization has naturally evolved into a multi-cultural, multi-faceted and multi-demographic group. Passion and smart thinking know no boundaries and neither do our employees. Tangerine is committed to achieving employment equity and promoting a diverse workforce. Our goal is to follow employment equity principles to eliminate barriers in the workplace and we have a Diversity Council in place to help us do this.


Our people are attracted to challenging goals and are eager for responsibility. We offer both, and this starts early in your career with us.


Transparency is key around here. We don't have an executive floor. Our leaders are where they should be: right alongside you.


As a team we feel strongly connected though our vision, passion and drive for success. We are also connected to the world around us through our many community engagements and initiatives.


We strike a strong balance between focus and fun. We offer a lively and dynamic work environment, year-round planned social activities and a whole lot of spontaneous fun in between.