How to Enjoy Live Music and Concerts on a Budget
Written by Shveta Hariharan

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Now that I'm entering my late twenties, I've swapped out nights at clubs in favour of live concerts. Attending concerts is a great way to grasp an artist's artistic vision, expand your tastes and enjoy a community feel. However, like many great things in life, it can get pricey!

Here are 5 tips that I've learned to enjoy my concerts out on a budget:

  1. Take the Time to Prepare

I've learned that I put myself in a much better position if I'm prepared – both from a timing perspective, as well as a financial perspective. There are many websites online to help you keep up-to-date with upcoming concert dates. Take a look at the upcoming year. Which artists are coming to your area, and when? Which ones are your absolute must-attends, and which ones can you miss? Take the time to look up shows early, so you can budget how much you'll be spending on tickets.

  1. Concerts Might Involve Travel

Living in a small town doesn't have to mean missing out on the fun. For example, I have friends from outside the city that plan longer trips where they attend two or three events during the same trip. That way they get the most bang for their buck. They typically plan further in advance than people who live in the city might, and limit the number of events they attend given the cost, but it works for them.

  1. Sold Out? Don't Worry

Check Facebook for tickets – many people sell them at the last minute. For shows at large venues, there are often tickets on StubHub on the day of the show for less than face value. Sometimes, promoters will release last-minute tickets to sold out shows. Just recently I was able to purchase floor tickets at the last minute for an arena show for less than what some of my friends paid for seats. This was two days prior to the show, and it was thanks to keeping my eyes open for deals closer to the dates.

  1. Enjoy the Openers

You're paying to go see the main act, and many of the openers may be artists you've never heard of. But there have been quite a few shows where I've enjoyed the openers even more than the headliner. Either way, get the most bang for your buck by seeing all the acts on the bill. You never know – you could be attending one of the first major shows of an up-and-coming artist, and you could have bragging rights that you saw them first.

  1. Skip Drinks at the Venue

I've gone to venues where they charge four dollars for a cup of water. If you want to be kind to your wallet, it's a good idea to hydrate beforehand. Most venues have plenty of bars and restaurants nearby, so this shouldn't be hard.

As a final note, I also recommend checking out reviews of past shows to ensure you'll enjoy an artist's live performance. Patience, initiative, preparedness and a strong passion for music can ensure you'll have a wonderful experience attending live shows.


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