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Sandy Yong is a self-directed investor who successfully generated a 6-figure stock market portfolio and owns several rental properties. As a Keynote Speaker, she teaches millennials how to invest in the stock market and real estate. With her award-winning book, The Money Master, Sandy has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including CTV News, Global News, Forbes, The Globe and Mail, and Toronto Star. She is also a Columnist for MoneySense where she shares her personal finance expertise with young adults. In addition, Sandy's been named Top 10 From The Past 10 from the Ted Rogers School of Management. She was also a TEDx Speaker at the TEDxRyersonU Conference.

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How can I save when my rent is so high?
How can I save when my rent is so high?

Assess your expenses First, you'll want to analyze your current spending habits to identify areas for potential savings. An easy way to do this is to review your credit card statements from the past three months to see where you spend your money. Many statements make this task easy, by breaking your spending down into categories,...

September 28th, 2023 | Sandy Yong