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Bolatito Laniyan is a storyteller who prioritizes crafting valuable information as engaging content that the audience enjoys while being educated. She has over seven years of experience in writing with expertise across multimedia content development, web content management and content marketing.

She currently works on Forward Thinking blog content at Tangerine, daily improving the blog to offer optimal user experience and meet user needs. She is keen on helping empower people to build wealth, and this is one of the reasons she enjoys what she does at Tangerine. It's always a delight to help people learn about finance and empower them to win on that front.

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A Beginner’s Guide to GICs
A Beginner’s Guide to GICs

What's a GIC? A GIC is a Guaranteed Investment Certificate, (called “Guaranteed Investment" at Tangerine). It's called this because the money you put in a GIC is guaranteed - you can't lose your money. And in a fixed rate GIC, the interest rate at which you invest stays the same throughout the term. At maturity, you're guaranteed...

June 28th, 2022 | Bolatito Laniyan