Andryanna Gonko

 Andryanna Gonko is an educator, on-air personality, and host of The Juggle is Real Podcast. She lives in Northern Ontario with her husband Ryan and three boys.

Her mission is to show busy parents how to avoid burnout and enjoy the
juggle of work and family by creating a better balanced and intentional

Andryanna is a regular face on many Canadian television broadcasts like
Breakfast Television, CTV Your Morning, CHCH Morning Live, Rogers Daytime
and more.

Through her podcast, TV appearances, workshops, and writing Andryanna
shares insights, tools, proven strategies and the latest information on all
things career, productivity, parenting, family, wellbeing, self-care and
more. Visit to learn more.

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My financial literacy journey: Choosing progress over perfection
My financial literacy journey: Choosing progress over perfection

As a recovering perfectionist, I've learned my fair share of lessons. The biggest lesson, and one that I continue to put into practice: Progress beats perfection, every time. Looking back at my life from the “other side," I see how constantly striving for perfection meant I was always coming up short. I used to measure myself...

May 15th, 2023 | Andryanna Gonko