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Andryanna Gonko

About the author

Meet Andryanna, the hardworking mom of three who went from burnout to finding a way to live with ease, joy, and fun in all areas of her life. Having been through it herself, she understands the financial challenges of busy parents seeking a balanced life.

On a mission to help busy people successfully manage their finances, Andryanna shares her expertise through workshops, writing, and her podcast. You'd find her dishing insights, strategies and tools for careers, productivity, family, well-being, and more. If you are a TV person, you can find her on programs such as Breakfast Television, CTV Your Morning, CHCH Morning Live, and Rogers Daytime.

When she's not educating people or spending time with her loved ones (or by herself), Andryanna is an amateur yogi and professional chip-eater. She might just have some chip recommendations on hand; you never know.


  • Educator and on-air personality
  • Host of The Juggle is Real Podcast
  • Productivity, career and family life expert


  • Career
  • Parenting
  • Financial literacy