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Goals - Getting you there faster

No matter what financial goals are on your roadmap, we can help you get there faster. Set up custom Goals in minutes, and then view your progress as you go.

Helping you prioritize

Sometimes the toughest part of goal setting is knowing what to focus on. Saving for a home purchase? Planning for retirement? Paying down debt? Can you do all three at the same time? If you provide a bit of info about your financial situation, we can recommend some Goals that would make sense for you.

Here's a play-by-play on starting a Goal

Getting started is simple

To get started, when you’re logged in, go to ‘Goals’ near the top of the screen and then hit the ’Start a New Goal’ button.

Screenshot of setting up new goal
Screenshot of choosing a goal type

Choose a Goal type

A menu of options will pop up for you to choose from. Let’s say you want to save for a rainy day. Just select ’Emergency Fund’ to start creating your Emergency Fund Goal.

Fill in your information

We’ll ask you for a bit of information, like the size of your Goal or when you’d like to reach it, along with the details of how you’d like to transfer money towards your Goal.

Screenshot of fill in your information
Screenshot of sample goal progress

See your progress

After a quick check to make sure everything’s set up right, it’s a wrap! You’re on your way towards your Goal and can see how you’re progressing whenever you log in.

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