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About the author

Zandile is a self-proclaimed “budget warrior" and personal finance journalist who is interested in the intersection of finances and mental health. Her education approach includes sharing aspects of her financial and mental health journey. She channels her financial savvy and empathy for her audience into her writing. Her mantra is “Get your mind and money right."

Her words have appeared in NerdWallet, the Globe and Mail,, Refinery29, Best Health Magazine, and more.

Having experienced the challenges of navigating a foreign financial system as an international student, Zandile also empowers newcomers to find their way in the Canadian system.

This finance journalist has an overarching message for everyone: No matter your circumstances, you can improve your financial situation and grow your wealth.


  • Personal finance journalist
  • Published in, Refinery29, Best Health Magazine and, among others


  • Budgeting
  • The connection between mental health and finance
  • Canadian finance for newcomers