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Mortgage Rates

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Tangerine Prime Rate: [[PRIME.RATE]]

 Effective [[PRIME.DATE]]

Tangerine Mortgage

5 Year Variable Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.5_YEAR_VAR]]
1 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.1_YEAR]]
2 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.2_YEAR]]
3 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.3_YEAR]]
4 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.4_YEAR]]
5 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.5_YEAR]]
7 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.7_YEAR]]
10 Year Fixed Mortgage[[MRTG.RATE.10_YEAR]]

Mortgage rates expressed on this website are annual rates and are current as of today's date. Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice. All rates are calculated semi-annually, not in advance. Variable rates are expressed as a total rate but will be set out in your Tangerine Commitment/Approval Letter expressed as Tangerine’s Prime Rate plus/minus an adjustment factor. The total variable interest rate you pay on your Mortgage may differ than that expressed on this page and will vary automatically when Tangerine’s Prime Rate changes.

All Mortgage applications are subject to meeting Tangerine’s standard credit criteria, residential mortgage standards and maximum permitted loan amounts. Tangerine Prime Rate is the prime lending rate published from time to time by Tangerine and is subject to change without notice.