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Personal Loan

Set the stage for your Loan repayment and don’t sweat big expenses you need to cover. With a Tangerine Personal Loan, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re getting a great rate and a repayment schedule that makes your Loan manageable.


APR Interest rate

1 - 5 years*  


Borrow for a set period of time

Choose how long you need to repay the Loan, and borrow comfortably with an end in sight.

Great fixed rates

Our rates are based on your credit information and the term you select to repay the Loan. The rate for your Loan will stay the same for the term you choose.

No fees

There are no early prepayment penalties.

Affordable payments on a fixed schedule

With a wide range of repayment periods to choose from, you can land on a monthly payment amount that's comfortable for you.

Stress-free application

Applying is quick and easy, and once approved you’ll have instant access to your funds.

Download the app

Become a Client completely digitally with our Mobile Banking app. Sign up without leaving your home or having to call us—it’s a fast, convenient and secure mobile experience.

Don’t have our Mobile Banking app yet? Download it today, so you can bank easily from anywhere.


34,100 Reviews‡


63,100 Reviews‡

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