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The Tangerine security guarantee

Your money and privacy are protected from the instant you open your Tangerine account. Our security features are top notch and we continue to make enhancements to make it even better. If your security is ever compromised, we'll make things right. That's the Tangerine Security Guarantee.

Want to know more?

Account protection

We cover your losses for unauthorized activity in any of your Tangerine Accounts...just be sure to notify us of any errors, irregularities, or unauthorized transactions immediately. For more information, please review our Account Terms or call us at 1‑888‑826‑4374.

We need your help too

Don't give out your Client Number, secret questions (and answers) or PIN to anyone else. Log out at the end of each online banking session. Monitor your statements and pay attention to account alerts. And let us know immediately if you discover a transaction that you suspect is fraudulent.

If it's not your fault, we've got you covered, guaranteed!